Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BlackBerry tips & triks

Here is a Trick Soft - hard reset the Blackberry:

Blackberry wipe ..
-> Wipe bb that it is hard reset blackberry .. but before making a wipe, so back up first data2 in its blackberry ..

1. Back up data BB
Connect BB to the laptop / PC via Desktop Manager (DM), and then select "back up & restore" .. select "back up"

2. Wipe BB
Ter after the data back up, wipe the BB can be doing.
go to Options>> Security options>> General Settings ..
BB logo press, and select "wipe Handheld"
type "blackberry"
then wipe the process will run ..

3. Restore data
After the wipe done, the process can restore the data on the make. Of step with the process back up, only this time select is "restore" ..

Hopefully useful ...

Soft reset also can do with the way in Next:

Click ALT + SHIFT key (CAP) + DELETE.

Tips & Triks BlackBerry
Stop 'delivered' Messages

Sometimes we are confused I have continually tell Email Messages are delivered ..
1. Open Messages
2. Menu>> Options
3. E-Mail Settings
4. Confirm Delivery: No

LED stop flashing:
I want to turn off the LED
Part A:
1. Settings
2. Screen / Keyboard
3. LED Coverage Indicator: Off

Part B:
1. Profiles
2. Advanced
3. Click 'Edit' on your profile
4. Masing2 options open and set of 'Repeat Notification' to 'None' For the Holster and outside the holster.

Tips Changing Plans on the CDMA to GSM BlackBerry Storm 9530:

1. Manage conection touch
2. Touch Mobile Network Options
3. Touch the Network Selection Mode. Select Manual
4. Touching Nedtwork Tecknology.Pilih GSM / UMTS GSM if a card or if Pake 1XEV Select Card CDMA.
5. Touching Network Mode. Select 3G & 2G.

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