Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100% Local Mode solution for Nokia BB5

Good News for friends who have problam with BB5 phones Local Mode and Test Mode.

Here is prefect solution of entring test mode or local mode, you must have phones usb cabale and usb charger like this

now conect your phone with fbus cabal and conect with box RJ45 and also conect usb cabale and conect with this charger and its done. now
your phone is in Local mode enjoy.

if you dont have that kind of charger then no problam if you have 2 PCs
then conect your phone with fbus 5 Pin or 7 Pin cabale and also conect usb to an other PCs USB port and its also done.

if you want only remove user code and phone is not responding and not
going to local mode then you want only a 5K risistence conect with phone
two points whit out + point like this

and insert battry n power on the phone your phone will on in local mode
then conect usb cabale and do your work remove password or user area format as you want this solution is only for removing password or formatint user area etc.

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